Dealing With Chalazia and Styes

Bumps on your eyelid can be incredibly annoying and make you feel like you look a bit like Quasimodo, but they are a normal part of life. These bumps usually fall into two categories: chalazia and styes. Read on to learn more about what causes these eyelid annoyances and what you can do if you experience them 3d mink invisible band mink lashes.

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Ornzo What Are They?
Chalazia and styes are both types of lumps that occur in or along the edge of your eyelid. Chalazia are usually found inside the 3d mink invisible band mink lashes , whereas styes are typically found along the edge of your eyelid (though they can occur inside the eyelid on occasion).

Where Do They Come From?
Chalazia are caused by blockages in the oil glands in your eyelid. Like the rest of your skin, your eyelids also have oil glands that can become blocked. This blockage manifests itself as a hard lump or cyst. Unlike other blockages in your skin that usually cause pimples, it should not hurt.

Styes, on the other hand, are infections that are caused by bacteria that grow in 3d mink invisible band mink lashes follicles. They look and feel a lot like pimples, presenting themselves as reddish bumps that are painful to touch.

If you are unsure what is causing your eyelid difficulty, you can go to a doctor and get a diagnosis. He or she will closely examine your eyelid and present you with a diagnosis based on your symptoms. It is not necessary to see a doctor when these eyelid bumps present themselves as they tend to resolve themselves without needing any treatment. If the ailment is causing you undue discomfort or lingers for a long time, a visit to the doctor would be warranted.

Tips on How to Deal with Them

Chalazia and styes will usually go away on their own in time. Chalazia can stick around for a few months, but styes tend to go away within a week of first appearing. The best thing you can do is let them heal on their own and avoid irritating them. Don’t wear eye makeup or contact lenses, which can make the problem worse. If you feel the need to do something at home, apply warm compresses to the area for a few minutes several times a day. Do not try to pop or squeeze the bump-this will only make things worse. If you have a 3d mink invisible band mink lashes , over the counter treatments can help relieve your symptoms until it goes away on its own.

3d mink invisible band mink lashes
3d mink invisible band mink lashes

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