Siberian Ice Swimming: Dive in for a Surreal Experience

Known as one of the most thrilling activities on Earth, winter swimming has attracted a culture of adventure-travellers with ‘no limits’ around the world, eager to plunge into Siberian waters. In recent times Russia and Siberia have emerged as world leaders in providing the quarters for this strange extreme sport. Siberia is well known for its expansive frozen beauty and relentless harsh climate during winter. For the bravest of ice swimmers, Siberia forms a surreal environment to host this extreme contest 3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao.

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Ornzo The ice swimming competition was split over two days and two separate events, encompassing sprint and endurance challenges. The endurance part was reserved for the toughest of the tough ice swimmers with only the most adventurous stepping up to the 3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao

Cut into the frozen lake of Tyumen, two 25-metre pools are sculpted from the ice to form 2 lanes where the ice swimming competition is held. Circling the icy carved pool is a one metre deep border crafted from frozen wooden planks, with a similarly carved diving board which becomes to ice-covered by the competition’s end that it forms part of the icy Siberian landscape.

The one metre deep boarder forms the only protection between the swimmers becoming a well-preserved ice cube, only to be discovered in the next Siberian summer.

As the temperature outside hits -24C, and with a conscious understanding of Siberia’s harsh wind chill factor, the competition begins. Fear is stricken in the eyes ofeven the strongest swimmers with the realisation that following the swim there would be a 200 metre trek to the sauna to recover.

Competitors traditionally struggle to spend more than 10 minutes outside before racing back to the sauna to thaw out. This mind-blowing feat of endurance sees only the most experienced and adventurous ice swimmers tackle the 1 km event. Competitors have told bystanders that every hair on your body will freeze in the icy depths of the pool including your 3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao . Breathing underwater is compared to inhaling a spoonful of wasabi and without goggles your eyelids will undoubtedly freeze closed.

Even after the swim is completed, competitors require a helping hand getting out from the water. After reaching the sauna, swimmers are covered in thin layer of ice coating on their skin. At the sauna, the recovery process starts; firstly swimmers are dried in the sauna then covered in wet towels and doused in cold then hot water. This process is repeated until nurses rub buckets of snow onto the competitors’ skin to get blood circulation going at a healthy rate again.

3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao
3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao

This extreme sporting event is only for the strongest at 3d mink lashes dropshipping in qingdao ; at the end of the event once you’ve thawed there’s a one-of-a-kind sense of pride and achievement knowing you’ve been able withstand the coldest earthly temperatures and tell your tale at the end. By the end of the competition, regardless of the language divide between locals and international competitors, there is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie among all that were involved. Back at the bar experiences are shared, well-deserved toasts are made but you’ll find only the most daring competitors requesting their drink with any ice at all.

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