Mary Kay Products and Mary Kay Consultants – What You MUST Know!

Mary Kay Consultants have been trying to recruit us to become distributors of Mary Kay Products. This made us say if they are trying to recruit us this hard to sell Mary Kay natural false eyelash there are probably a lot of Mary Kay Consultants struggling to recruit distributors to sell Mary Kay Products.

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natural false eyelash

The Company

Ornzo It is a network marketing company that is headquartered in Addison, a suburb of Dallas Texas. The company started in 1963. Everybody and their mother is familiar with Mary Kay Products and Mary Kay Consultants. A lot of women probably tried Mary Kay natural false eyelash.

Success With The Business

There are 2 things you must know and do if you want to be a successful MK Consultant and sell Mary Kay Products.

1. You must brand yourself. You should never just brand the company. Because a lot of people know the company and can join it without knowing you. So you must brand yourself as a leader. Not only as someone who knows a lot about natural false eyelash, but as someone who knows about helping people succeed in network marketing. A lot of the Consultants only know about the Products and don’t have a clue of how to market their business. You want to promote yourself so that you will attract prospects to you. People are attracted to leaders and will only do business with people they know like and trust. All Top earners know and apply this. That’s why they can go to any network marketing company and take over in a matter of weeks or months.

2. You Must understand how to Market. This is something that your company won’t teach you. They will talk about the Products but they really can’t tell you how to market effectively. The method of contacting your friends, family and prospecting strangers works, but it also leaves you open to a lot of rejection and it takes a lot of time to build up a good natural false eyelash income. Does it still make sense to only limit yourself to the methods they used back in 1963 in this day and age of technology? Now you have Google, Facebook, Free Classifieds, Article Marketing, and YouTube just to name a few. The top earners in network marketing are utilizing the in the internet to build their businesses with lightning speed. This is something that the company won’t teach you.

Take Action

natural false eyelash
natural false eyelash

If You are serious about your success you will need to be able to natural false eyelash at least 10 reps per Month. The best way to do this is to learn how to BRAND YOUR SELF not just the company. People only do business with people they know, like, and trust and people they think can make them money. All master marketers know this.

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