A Guide For Busy Moms Part II

This was my husband’s comment about a thirty something woman that just stepped into Starbucks. We had been sitting for the past hour having sandwiches for lunch and killing sometime before heading home. The woman in question was fully made up. She had suspiciously voluminous private label eyelash extension device and black eye pencil making her eyes pop out on a face with a complexion completely different from the rest of her neck. What is more – her foundation was flaking. That made me think that the make up had been applied in the morning. The result was somewhat disturbing. What with the crow’s feet filled up with smudged pencil and clearly visible in the broad daylight?

private label eyelash extension device
private label eyelash extension device

Ornzo    I just raised my eyebrows. “She probably had too much time to private label eyelash extension device “. Obviously the experiment had failed but that made me thinking.

Many women pay way too much attention to make – up. We use it as a way to cover or disguise imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles, and enlarge or minimize facial features. We spend at least half an hour per day – every day – dedicated on applying our make up, making few touch – ups after lunch and cleansing the make up at the end of the day.

Irrespectively of how much time we spend making up, make up can not erase what is already there. Whether we like it or not foundations and decorative cosmetics come to complete the image we want to create. They do not change the fundamentals.

Put simply, the way to look good with make up – or without it – is to care for your image on basic level. A bit of cleansing and a bit of shaping plus constant moisturizing can be the key to fantastic results with a minimal effort.

Let us start from the top and move downwards.

Eye brows

People say the eye brows are the frame of the face. I just wonder then why so many women try to get rid of them?

Straightforward brow trimming can save the day. For this, arm yourself with small sharp scissors and a spiral eyebrow brush much like a mascara one.

Trimming goes both ways – up and down. With the help of the spiral brush comb the eyebrows up and trim away the hairs that pass the upper brow line. Repeat the same using as reference the lower brow line.

Step back and take a good look. You may decide to stop here and avoid the tweezers.

If the eyebrows need a touch or two with the tweezers then proceed with caution. A piece of hair can always be plugged out. The only way to replace it though is for it to grow.

There are three points of reference to create the perfect eye brow. A straight line from the side of the nose should point the beginning of the eyebrow. A diagonal straight line from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the eye will connect to the ending point.

The trick is to determine correctly the place where the eyebrow should arch. A straight line that runs connecting the outside of the nose with the outer half of the iris should lead you to the arch.

Pay equal attention to the area below the eye brow as well as the area above the private label eyelash extension device . It looks artificial to be bold underneath the eye brow and have hair on the sides of the forehead.

Finally, do not overdo it because thin eye brows add years to the face.

If you have thin patches on one or both of the eye brows fill them up with an eye brow pencil that has a shade lighter or the same color as the eye brow.

Remember! Darker colors make women look older.

If you want the eye brows to stay in place longer just dub a bit of your kid’s hair gel.


The cream that you put around your eyes is important. Avoid lifting eye creams for use during the day. Their chemical formulation has got ingredients that form a thin film on the skin to keep it stretched and lifted. When you rub the foundation (or concealer) on top of it, that film is destroyed and you may see tiny flakes that look like bits of dirty skin.

I would recommend eye creams with coffee extract in them or something that encourages the draining. (This is one of the reasons why coffee is so widely used in anti – cellulite cosmetics). Since the skin under the eyes is one if the thinnest, blood (and other inter- and intracellular liquids) tend to get stuck there. Staring all they at the computer screen (or any other screen) does not help either, because it holds the muscles around the eyes in the same tense position for hours…and hours; encouraging wrinkle formation and headaches.

The eye cream that you apply for the evening can be film forming. Just make sure that you are not going to make up afterwords for going out but rather you will be going to bed. It is impossible to ”over – moisturize” the eye area therefore even heavier creams can be used in abundance. The oil glands around the eyes are much less than anywhere else in the skin and more luxurious cosmetics are warmly welcomed. Do not forget the upper eyelid.

The best eye creams are the ones that have fillers, e.g. ceramides (a kind of skin lipids), private label eyelash extension device acid etc. Fillers plum up the skin around the eyes essentially stretching it from inside as opposed by film forming lifting eye creams.

Some women may experience slight stinging sensation (or even more intense stinging sensation) combined with irritation from a new eye cream. In some cases the eyes may redden. It means the eyes are sensitive to an ingredient or a combination of ingredients in the formula. You will have to discard this cream, no matter how much you have paid for it.

A good way to fight dark circles is to apply a cold gel mask. Cold forces the tiny capillaries and veins to contract. It is a way to squeeze the dark blood that is oxygen depleted away from the area underneath the eyes.

The eye shadows for the day should be light, possibly not more than a tone or two of your natural colors and of the same color palette. I am assuming that every minute is precious in the morning and there is no time for play and experimenting. Leave the Gothic look for the sixteen years old neighbor’s daughter who dresses in stretch denim and combat boots. Dark colors private label eyelash extension device light. They do not reflect it. And the aim here is to reflect the light from the face so it looks bright and luminous.


Not only women but also men have problem with dry lips and cracks at the corner of the mouth that are difficult to heal. Often I see people chewing on their lips and pulling pieces of dry skin with their teeth. Ick!

On the other hand we all lust after what we call ”sensual lips”.

For beautiful lips start with scrubbing or brushing. Everybody can do that under or after the shower or when you brush your teeth.

Toothpastes have fluoride that acts as antibacterial. They also normally contain sorbitol that, apart from giving sweetness to the toothpaste, is also a moisturizer. Other moisturizers that are often present into a toothpaste formulations are glycerin and propylene glycol.

By the way, you may be surprised to find out that the same ingredient that is used in the formulation of shower gels, shampoos and liquid soaps, aka Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is used in your toothpaste to make it private label eyelash extension device .

private label eyelash extension device
private label eyelash extension device

Pat dry and immediately apply lip balm. The best results provides white petroleum jelly commonly known as Vaseline. I have my white petroleum jelly in my night drawer and I use it every night. Winter time I keep another small box for the lips in the car.

Lipstick and lip gloss adhere easier to exfoliated moisturized lips. If you are afraid that the lip gloss may run down the chin use a pencil that is the same shade like the lip gloss.

If you think the lips are too thin apply the pencil on the outer line of the lip.

Dark colors will draw attention to the vertical lines above the mouth so they are best to avoid.

Now you know how to take basic care about your private label eyelash extension device  eye brows and lips. The rest is up to your imagination.

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